Unvarnished Tips For Home Improvement Projects

Do you want to improve your home with no mistakes? Because of this, it is crucial that you study up on each project before actually starting work. You will gain much of the information you require to get started on your path to becoming a knowledgeable handyman. Find Articles, Free Articles Directory | Bath Showers […]

Searching For a Good Drain Cleaning Company?

There is lots of drain cleaning companies that give pipes administrations from getting out kitchen drain sinks to any sort of drain reinforcements so it is essential to pick the particular case that gives quality administration and is trusted by various property holders. Find Articles, Free Articles Directory | Kitchens Articles

Oliver Files ~ While You Were Out

I started to feel sick on Sunday, my early Monday morning it was obvious I had picked up noro virus someplace.  I’m only starting to feel slightly better today.  This is what Oliver accomplished while I was holing up in our bedroom with the cats.  He’s been busy. Survival Kitchen


World’s First Urban Algae Canopy Produces the Oxygen Equivalent of Four Hectares of Woodland Every Day

Read the rest of World’s First Urban Algae Canopy Produces the Oxygen Equivalent of Four Hectares of Woodland Every Day Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Bio-digital architecture at Expo Milano 2015, custom designed ETFE cladding system, ecoLogic Studio combine technology and biology, organic canopy for Future Food District project by Carlo […]

Why less is more

We’re bombarded with the message that the more we have, the happier we will be. Marketers want us to believe that we would be happier if we had more money and more stuff. However, I’m sure that deep down, many of us realise that more is not necessarily better. This realisation is increasingly being backed […]

Mongolia’s Nomads Modernize Traditional Tent Homes with Solar Panels

With 250 days of sunshine a year, Mongolia’s potential for solar energy is vast but mostly underutilized. That’s beginning to change though – a new government sponsored initiative aims to equip traditional dome-like homes called gers (tents made of felt and yak’s wool) with portable solar home systems (SHS) to make life a little easier […]


How To Design Your Own Holiday Cards

So, this isn’t really related to home decor; but I thought I’d share this little tip for fun!  When I’m sending out holiday cards or party invitations I don’t like spending lot of money.  And if you pay for a design, envelopes, postage, printing costs – it all adds up quickly! So to save a […]

Proper Attire for Mold, Lead & Asbestos

If you have ever needed mold, lead or asbestos abatement, you know how very expensive it can be. One of the reasons for the high cost, is the hazmat suit one needs to wear when dealing with things like mold, asbestos, or any other potentially harmful materials. Most of the suit is disposable, and will […]


How I Prepare Raised Beds for Early Spring Planting

You Grow Girl – Gardening for the People. The weather over the weekend was glorious and full of spring’s promise. As previously mentioned, I took advantage and dove headlong into my early spring to-do list. In a typical spring I charge straight into these chores and make mention of them in passing, but rarely get […]

Lift Up The Aesthetic Value Of Your Property – Hire A Qualified And Skilled Lawn Care Professional

For commercial and residential properties with lawns and turfs, it’s highly essential to take good care of them since they offer a range of benefits. Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your property, well-maintained or well-manicured lawns help appraise the market value of your asset. Find Articles, Free Articles Directory | Landscaping Articles